Meet the Cast: Linda’s Journey

… True happiness can only be present when our heart is following its course and we are comfortable with the person we are. We must have complete honesty within ourselves. (Linda)

Cast member Linda shares her experience in the making of Animism: People Who Love Objects.

Linda and bruce copy

Linda and Bruce

On opening up …

I had never previously been in a film, so I was filled with a lot of apprehension initially; I was so nervous and scared of messing up. I must say however, that working with the Real to Reel film crew, it wasn’t long before I was pretty much at ease discussing some of the most personal and intimate details of my life. Some of the content was very painful, especially the way I was shunned by my mother for being OS. All I ever wanted was a little compassion and understanding. Most often, sharing my OS with people did not return positive results. I was OS long before the advent of the Internet, so back then we truly felt alone.

Linda carnival 3 copy

Why now …

One of the reasons I wanted to participate in this film was to hopefully give the viewer a clearer insight into the life of an older OS person who had experienced a lot, as well as to clarify and misconceptions and show the world that a true OS love is capable of withstanding the ultimate test of time and increasing age.

Oftentimes we must face extraordinary challenges in pursuing a particular love.

I also believe that there are many OS people still in the closet, too scared to even hint at their orientation. I hope this film may inspire a few more to come out and embrace who they are. I hope to finish the book I had started writing several years back which takes a complete walk back through my life as a OS person. The irony is that while writing, I came to realize that I had never really lost my love for Bruce over many years of separation.

Memorable moments …

For me the film held some moments. [It was] like a walk back in time, getting an opportunity to relive and highlight a sort of sentimental journey into the past, from the railroad scenes to the fair. Though my time in the film is short, I sincerely hope that the viewers will be able to feel the love I have, and be able to visualize some of the struggles I was forced to face. Even acquiring Bruce back into my life certainly has its own set of challenges, but I think [it] really exemplifies the significance of unconditional love.

Linda and Bruce's commitment ceremony

Linda and Bruce’s commitment ceremony

I feel fortunate that I was able to be part of the adventure of making this film. The filming process can actually be very demanding and I now have a new appreciation for what goes into it. It was good that we even found some time to have a few laughs.


Animism: People Who Love Objects will air on Global on September 28, 2013, at 9 pm. For updates on the cast, air dates, and other info check in with the blog or like our Facebook page, here.


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