Meet the Cast: Rev. Fr. BC Hall-Ford

We are people, just like everybody else. We live, we laugh, and so what if we love a little different?

Taking part in this documentary was an experience that I’ll never forget. I was a little uneasy at first, but as soon as I got to Florida, and met the wonderful crew behind Animism: People Who Love Objects, I was instantly relieved. I had never felt so affirmed and accepted by a group of strangers. Despite a diverted flight, a panic attack on the plane, and the hot, humid Florida weather, participating in this documentary was one of the greatest moments in my life thus far.

2012-08-05 15.14.46 copy

It was a positive experience all around, and I met some wonderful people.

Linda Wedding 1 copy

BC officiates Linda and Bruce’s commitment ceremony (Florida)

Officiating an OS wedding and having the opportunity to tell my story to the world are both things that I’ve dreamed of doing for years. If my story, or watching Linda and Bruce’s ceremony helps just one person out there find a little bit of hope, it’s all worth it.

The OS community needed somebody to come along and document how we REALLY are. The lot of us are good people. We’re not sex-crazed fetishists, and finally, a documentary has been made that doesn’t show us in that light. It shows who we really are. We are people, just like everybody else. We live, we laugh, and so what if we love a little different? I truly believe this documentary will be a huge step forward in society’s acceptance of objectum-sexuality. Both as an OS person, and as a priest, this was perhaps one of the most true, and life-affirming things I have ever done, and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

BC at wedding copy

I hope whomever sees this realizes just how genuine this documentary is. In a four-hour interview, I poured out my heart and soul to the camera. There’s no shock factor, no over-dramatization. This is real life. I feel Animism: People Who Love Objects is a God-given gift to a group of people who have been so downtrodden and hurt by media and society as a whole. Well done, Real to Reel, well done.


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