Erika Eiffel Answers FAQs on OS (Part 1)

Each week Erika Eiffel of Objectum-Sexuality Internationale (an online support group for objectophiles) will share her experience with, and answer some frequently asked questions about OS.

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In this first article, Erika shares her experience in discovering her sexuality and ‘coming out’ to her friends and family.

Can you tell me about your first relationship with an object? Have you always been OS?

I have always been OS. At no point in my life can I ever say that I did not connect to objects. All of my significant relationships have always been with objects. The only problem was not having a name to call my inclination to love them.

My first relationships with objects started as far back as I can remember. Up until 14-years-old, I was not aware that others did not relate to nor sense objects as I did. There was never any stigma attached to my sleeping with objects in my bed until I became a teen. After that point, if became very evident that I was different, especially when others at school were dating each other and I was dating a bridge.

Did you understand what you felt right away or did you try to hide your feelings? Did you find it easier to tell people about it? How did your friends and family feel?

Growing up, I was so ashamed to be different and this sign of weakness was the root cause of the criticism assailing me from family, school, and work.  Afraid of going to Hell as predicted by others, I buried my love and marched through life only allowing myself to love inconspicuous objects.

Since I was punished as a young girl for these noted obsessions, I became very secretive and protective of my feelings towards objects. I wanted so badly to tell friends but I was ashamed and didn’t dare.  However, I used art as a creative medium to express my object love, and was praised for my abstract view of the world when in fact there was nothing intangible about it. It was fake to them but real to me. I simply accepted this.

When I eventually came out, I was stunned by the positive reaction. With the exception of family, many of my friends were relieved that I finally I admitted what they apparently knew for years. At this point, I allowed my heart to lead instead of [my head]. I no longer set restrictions, and for the first time in 15 years, I allowed myself to love public objects again.

When does the sexual inclination towards objects begin? Does it develop in puberty when other adolescents are experiencing attractions to their human peers?

Indeed, there is a period of awakening for an OS person. In most cases, the deeper feelings for objects develop at the onset of puberty. As with other sexual minorities, a degree of societal oppression may cause some OS individuals to go against the grain and come out in later years.

Psychological factors and, in some cases, early traumatic sexual experiences are often used to explain an adult’s objectum-sexuality. Would you say that’s an accurate or misguided prognosis of the average OS person?

Television and internet present this conjecture as research but it is not accurate, nor founded. The first and only research conducted in the OS community by a clinical sexologist actually suggests the opposite. The numbers indicate a far lesser amount of trauma than portrayed by the media. And I will say as one of the few victims of sexual trauma:

I am not an OS person because of trauma in my life. I am an OS person who has experienced trauma in my life.

And I say this because the sad truth is, there are many people who have been through similar and even far worse, yet they are not OS.

NEXT WEEK Erika shares her stories of love and heartbreak. Find out more about her relationship with the Eiffel Tower, her experience as a champion archer, and her connection to the spiritual practice of animism.


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