Meet the Cast: Carl

“I decided to appear in the film to answer questions, because I think it’s the best way to help people understand objectúm sexuality. I also hope to help other objectúm-sexuals come out to themselves, like the few sparse articles I found online several years ago did to me.”

This week we feature Carl in our Meet the Cast article. The shy Quebecer opens up about discovering his sexuality, coming out to friends and family, and participating in this documentary. This is a wonderful addendum to Erika Eiffel’s FAQ’s last week. [Part 1] [Part 2]

Carl 3 copyIt was during early teenage – I think I was 12 years old – when I first experienced some attraction towards airliner jets. I was browsing the Web, amassing nearly a gigabyte’s worth of photos of Boeings and Airbuses in a year; a pretty big amount at the time. The next year, I started giving my parents’ minivan caresses while they weren’t looking. Soon after, I started doing the same things to their other car. Mostly cuddling and kissing. Why? Because the cars’ smooth metal bodies, with their curves and lines, felt like a mix of comfort and bliss for me, and planes looked similarly attractive.

I was going through puberty and I kept being told in Sex Ed and by just about everyone that my body and mind is changing a lot and that whatever is happening is normal and I should not be worried. So I didn’t worry, and I never bothered asking. Looking back, I wonder if it was fear or judgment, shame, or just an honest assumption that I was normal, but I never told anyone. I thought it was just a phase I was going through, and that I would eventually have a crush on a girl and it would all fade away. As years went by, I started to realize that I was not on the normal side of things, but I still thought it was a phase.

“Motor vehicles were more than just a temporary fetish I had; they were my actual sexual orientation.”

On the very day that I turned 18, I found an article about Edward Smith, another well-known objectúm-sexual, who has been in a relationship with his Volkswagen Beetle (along with some other cars) for many years. I started researching mechaphilia and objectúm sexuality almost immediately. The more I was reading, the more I was realizing I could relate to those people. Motor vehicles were more than just a temporary fetish I had; they were my actual sexual orientation. I contacted some of the people I found and joined a few websites, including Erika’s (OS Internationale).

My life was deeply changed when I turned 18.

I went out with friends to celebrate my birthday, but my mind was elsewhere. What I had just discovered was still sinking in. I finally understood why I would just stare at cars, trucks and planes with such desire. Had objectúm sexuality not been documented and reported on at the time, I don’t know where I would be in my life today.

The issue with such an unusual sexual orientation is that, much like homosexuality when it started gaining mainstream awareness, chances are that people won’t understand what objectúm sexuality is. How can someone be attracted to an inanimate object like a car? What kind of freaky creep may want to have sex with a car? That person must be mentally challenged. Those are all reasons why I stayed in the closet, except for a few of my closest friends.

Carl 1 copy

In each case, the reaction was, thankfully, positive. Most of the people I’ve come out to were very curious at first and asked a lot of questions, which was quite a relief after half-expecting a freaked-out, weirded-out or disgusted comeback. It was nice to have friends, both online and in real life, with whom I could be entirely myself around, noticing cars on the road and commenting about them without filtering my thoughts like I usually do around everyone else.

“hiding in the shadows is stressful and counterproductive.”

After I was contacted by Real to Reel Productions for the film, I took a lot of time to weigh the pros and cons of appearing in the film. What will the public reaction be? How will the director present us? Are they looking for sensationalism like the previous ones?

In the end, hiding in the shadows is stressful and counterproductive. I decided to use the film to come out, not only to everyone around me, but to the whole world as well. Perhaps through the film I could express and explain myself, making it easier for people to understand what we are, what we do and don’t do, and how it works; and above all that it is a real and legitimate orientation. I also hope to help other objectúm-sexuals come out to themselves, like the few sparse articles I found online several years ago helped me to come out.

I don’t know how my family and friends will react. I sincerely hope it will be as positive as it was with those whom I have already come out to. After all, I’m still the same Carl they’ve always known. Either way, I intend to continue answering questions and educating people about objectúm sexuality.

Carl 6 copy

I’m excited about it, though. ☺

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Next week we’ll feature our final cast member, Amanda Liberty


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    This includes, above all, romance, love, affection, and erotic relationship.
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    We have a very harmonious relationship.
    And I love him.
    A love relationship with a humans, I do not miss.
    For that, what gives me my bike, a human can not fulfill.
    That what is meant by love and affection in a partnership,
    can only give me a motorcycle or car.

    Best regards from Berlin
    Enduro Prime

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