Erika Eiffel Answers FAQs on OS (Part 3)

Welcome to part 3 of our Erika Eiffel OS FAQs feature.


“Love is like a breath of fresh air. Necessary to have yet so easy to take for granted when it has no smell. For me, love is finding that amazing aroma that makes one appreciate living and breathing. Someone else may think it stinks and hold their breath … but I breathe deep and let it set all of my other senses alight.”

You are well known for your relationships with inanimate objects, and have shared that your orientation first manifested itself during your childhood. Have you ever pursued a relationship with men?

Well, I have tried to have relations with people on the same level as objects, however it has never worked. I maintain only friendships with people. It’s like trying to date against your orientation. If you are a guy into men, you can try all you want to make a relationship with women work but it will eventually be seen for what it is … a farce. Understand that I do have people very close in my life and I can firmly say that i love them; however, I am not in love with them.

So, you are capable of expressing love to humans in a non-romantic way?

A huge misconception is that OS people do not or cannot love people. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In my case, I have a deep love for my friends and family which is no less of value just because I do not have romantic feelings for people.

How have your relationships with objects affect those with people?

Before I came out publicly it was more difficult to socialize. If I brushed off advances with no excuse, I offended people. Now that I am open and confident my friends respect me. It surprises me that many have no problem with me being OS once they actually meet me. When I was ashamed, I exuded a weakness that others sensed. Now that I fully accept my way of love and life, it is amazing the liberation I feel.


In what other ways has OS affected your life?

My relationships have taken me far from the tiny little town I grew up in. I have travelled the globe, learned a number of languages, and met amazing people. And through this, I have finally come to know others like me . This knowledge gained during my pursuit of honouring my object love has enriched my life to the extent that people think must be 70 with all the experiences I have had. And while there has indeed been hardship from being OS, I feel that the great experiences outweigh the bad.

An argument that is often raised is that reciprocation is impossible in an object-human relationships or that the relationship is null since the object is incapable of providing consent. What do you say to this?

Certainly reciprocation is an issue of contention from those in conventional human relationships. OS people are typically animists and there is a sense of being, a soul, in the objects. We connect to the object via the sensations picked up or sensed through proximity. Often I am asked what I get out of a relationship. Well, I don’t get into a relationship based on what I will receive. I am quite sufficed with what I do not get. But to say I get nothing from my object love is a fallacy. My love for objects has powered me to becoming a 3-time world champion in competitive archery. My objects have given me a sense of purpose.  People are fuelled by love and it is no different for OS people. Just because I do not develop more intense feelings for humans should not requisite me to a life without love. OS people are not hurting anyone nor are they hurting themselves.


There are a few documented “marriages” between objects and people, including your own with the Eiffel Tower, and Linda and Bruce’s. Is marriage equality the next step for the OS community?

To this date, there are no legal measures in place for a person to marry an object. However, no person in the OS community is asking for legal rights. We simply wish to be recognized as an orientation, not just a paraphilia. The marriages that have taken place are personal commitments between person and objects. No paper is necessary to justify the commitment.

Are you optimistic about OS being embraced and accepted by society in the future?

I truly believe there will come a day when all the media sensation has passed and people take a sincere look at OS and realize that we are really very harmless, to ourselves and to others. It is a human right to be in love but it is not a right of people to tell others how they have to be happy. Intervention is only necessary when deprivation is being caused in some way. We are a legitimate orientation of people who happen to love objects on a very significant level.


The final Erika Eiffel Answers FAQs on OS feature will address the connection between OS and the spiritual practice of animism. Stay tuned.



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