Meet the Cast: Amanda

Amanda, a young woman from Leeds (UK), longs for her lover 5600 km away standing guard overlooking Manhattan Island, welcoming all who should come. Her object love is the Statue of Liberty. In this week’s Meet the Cast, Amanda reflects on her experience filming Animism: People Who Love Objects, friendship, and meeting her “lady love”.

“… we ARE just like other people on a day-to-day basis. We CAN function as a part of human society.”

amanda 1 copy

Amanda has approximately 200 Statue of Liberty figurines in her Leeds (UK) flat

I was delighted when I received a call from Bill Spahic telling me all about the film he was directing about Animism and Objectum-Sexuality (OS). It was such a breath of fresh air that somebody wanted to make a well-rounded documentary about OS people’s lives, and hopefully give viewers something to think about.

IMG_5651 copy

Amanda in NYC with the crew and film director, Bill Spahic

The more Bill and I talked about the film, the more I wanted to get involved, and have the opportunity to tell my story. By participating in the film I hoped to help change the public’s impression of our OS community, long ridiculed by much of the media.

amanda 5 copy

Carolyn, Erika & Amanda in Leeds (UK)

For my first filming with the crew, it just so happened that three of us OSers (Erika, Carolyn and myself) had made arrangements for a meet-up in my home town of Leeds, England. Bill filmed us going about our daily lives and having fun together, just like any other group of friends. It was an important part of the film for me showing that we ARE just like other people on a day-to-day basis. We CAN function as a part of human society.

Most Memorable Moment

IMG_5660 copy

Amanda in Times Square, Manhattan, NY (2012)

I did not think I would get the opportunity to see Lady Liberty (the love of my life) in 2012, so when I was invited over to New York City to film with the Statue of Liberty, I was ecstatic to say the least. I did not quite believe it. Especially when I heard I would be there for July 4th (Independence Day). To experience July 4th in the USA was a dream of mine!

Filming in NYC was awesome! I was really in my element. Having the opportunity to introduce the film crew to my Lady was really lovely. My feelings for her really did come out on camera because I was able to be there with her in person.

Filming me enjoying the city, in Times Square and at the Macy’s 4th July Fireworks show was also fun. Macy’s fireworks were the best fireworks show I have ever seen!

All my 4th July dreams came true that day for sure!

I was confident at the end of filming that a good film was going to be made, and I have been left with some wonderful memories. I now look forward to seeing the film to both reflect back on these great memories, and to hear the stories of my fellow OS friends in the film.

IMG_5707 copy


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