TODAY: Watch Animism: People Who Love Objects on Global TV (8pm EST)

Today is the day. In 6 hours we want you to do one thing …

Tune into Global TV (Canada) 8pm (EST) for the premiere of Animism: People Who Love Objects.


For the past two months you have liked, shared, and commented; and we are so proud of this little community we’ve built. As usual, we want to say thanks to our crew and the incredible people in the film. Erika, Linda, Carl, Amanda, BC: YOU’RE AWESOME!

To start off this week, we hosted a private screening of the film at popular Toronto bar 3030. Director Bill Spahic breaks it all down for you:

Monday night (Sept 23) we had a wonderful launch screening of our film Animism: People Who Love Objects for crew, family, friends and colleagues at our favourite Junction hangout 3030, on Dundas St right across from our office in Toronto.

Filmmaking is a collaborative effort and we wanted to give a ‘shout out’ the talented people who helped make our film. We also wanted to finally show the film to our friends who have been clamouring to see it for a long time. Everyone loved it and walked away with lots to think about. We were also pleased to have Jesse Mackay perform the film’s theme song live with some of his musician friends just before the film screening. Thanks to everyone for coming we had a blast.

Enjoy, Bill and Anne

As Bill said we were also lucky enough to have Jesse MacKay and friends perform the film’s title song “So Nice“.

Here’s the background story on the song and Jesse.

‘So Nice’, the musical theme for the documentary ‘Animism: People Who Love Objects’ is a song about love, the confusion of rejection, and a longing for comfort and acceptance. It’s written and performed by Jesse MacKay, a Toronto-based, musician with singing and songwriting in his blood. His father, percussionist Penner MacKay, has been part of the music scene in Canada since the ‘60’s. Jesse’s brother Andrew is the touring drummer for Canadian acts such as Shawn Desman and Fefe Dobson. As a family, all three MacKays currently perform and tour with Juno award-winning, aboriginal blues sensation, Derek Miller.

From the tender age of three, Jesse sat behind his father’s drum kit learning how to play. By his early teens he could hold his own with most rock bands. Piano and guitar lessons in high school followed along with an emerging passion for singing and songwriting. After studying music production at London’s Fanshawe College, Jesse went on to front his own funk band, ‘Matinee Slim and The Ultralight Orchestra’.

In 2003, jilted and heartbroken by a girlfriend, Jesse wrote ‘So Nice’, performing it with Matinee Slim. Ten years later his father-in-law, the director Bill Spahic asked Jesse if he had any love songs that might work for his new documentary about Objectum Sexuality, a rare condition in which people fall in love with inanimate objects. After listening to ‘So Nice’, Bill’s son Mathew turned to his father and said, “I think you just found your song.” Bill agreed.

Jesse re-recorded ‘So Nice’ at Steve Goldberger’s studio ‘The Shed’ in Niagara-on-the-Lake. This recording features Jesse MacKay on guitar, ukulele and vocals, Penner MacKay on percussion, Brandon McPherson on bass, Tim Hamel on trumpet and Ryan Oliver on saxophone.

Screen Shot 2013-09-04 at 3.34.00 PM

If you haven’t read it yet, National Post did an amazing feature interview with Bill, discussing his journey in making this film and OS. READ ENTIRE ARTICLE HERE

twitter-bird-light-bgsCarl Tessier has volunteered to live tweet during Saturday’s broadcast. Follow him at @CarlAndHisCar

Also we will be using #AnimismGlobal and #Animism to track the conversation. Merci, Carl!

Continue to share the trailer and join us and the cast members on Facebook FB-f-Logo__blue_58


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