Say cheese! Animism: People Who Love Objects – Production Stills

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Three words sum up our experience in the making of this film: educational, inspirational, fun. As we count down to the Canadian premiere of Animism: People Who Love Objects, we’d like to share some behind-the-scene images with you.

Hope you enjoy!


Erika Eiffel Answers FAQs on OS (Part 2)

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“Just knowing I am not alone … I am able to live out loud for the first time in my existence.”

The term “Objectum-sexuality” didn’t exist when you were discovering your sexuality. Can you tell me about the process you went through in realizing and accepting that you were attracted to objects?

I believed but didn’t believe I was the only one. While I knew of only me, something told me that there had to be others who connected to objects like this. When I was young, everyone thought it was cute that I was so attached and would cling to certain objects. Once I hit my teen years, that all changed in view of puberty and the horrid thought that I might actually be exploring my sexuality with an object and not saving myself for marriage to a man. This shock that I was indeed an anomaly struck me down hard and I hid my affections out of self-preservation. Continue reading

Weekly Update: Read, Like, Share (September 4, 2013)


Here is how we’re feeling at “headquarters” today:

September is finally here and excitement is rising here in Toronto as we count down to the Global TV airing of Animism: People Who Love Objects (September 28, 8 pm). Thank you so much for reading, liking, and sharing the blog with your friends and family. 

Many of our stars are actively on the Facebook page (thank you!) helping us promote this film. We had so much fun filming this movie (just check out Bill’s statement) and are so grateful we met so many wonderful people across the globe.

We’ve received some inquiries regarding air times in the US. As soon as the dates are confirmed we will share that with you. We  want as many people to see this film, and hopefully be inspired by the remarkable people who’ve so bravely chosen to share their stories.

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This week Rev. BC Hall-Ford reflects on his experience filming with us, and cites it as “one of the greatest moments in my life thus far”. Continue reading

Weekly Update: Read, Like, Share (August 27, 2013)


Screen Shot 2013-08-26 at 4.12.31 PMThank you for all the views! Our Facebook ‘Likes’ are rising steadily and we’re working on getting more content to you. If you haven’t given us a ‘like’ yet, it’s not too late.


Erika Eiffel reflects on her decision to participate in this film. READ HERE


Director Bill Spahic shares his inspiration for this film and his deliberate decision not to exploit the topic and deliver a dignified and honest look into objectum-sexuality. Continue reading