Links & Resources

Objectum-Sexuality Internationale (OSI) website (LINK)

The OSI website is the central hub for the OS community. It offers a support network for objectùm-sexuals (Objektophile) and provides public education on objectùm-sexuality.

OSI on Facebook. (LINK)

This is the official social media portal for the OS community.

“Love Among the Objectum Sexuals” Amy Marsh, DHS, ACS Electronic  Journal of Human Sexuality, Volume 13, March 1, 2010 (Source link:

A report by Dr Amy Marsh based on a March 2009 survey conducted with 21 English-speaking members of Objectum-Sexuality Internationale. This is the first documented quantitative and qualitative research study on Objectum-Sexuality (OS) or Objectophilia. Dr. Marsh describes OS individuals as “people who experience emotional, romantic, affectionate and/or sexual relationships with objects”.

Marsh Spectrum of Human/Object Intimacy©, developed by Dr. Amy Marsh, DHS, ACS (August 2009)

The spectrum moves from Sex Toy Use to Fetish Paraphilia to Objectum Intimacy – Full Object Relationship (Source link: PDF)

“Objectophilia, Fetishism and Neo-Sexuality: Falling in Love with Things” by Frank Thadeusz (Source: Spiegel Online International, May 11, 2007) LINK

“Intimate and Inanimate” by Dr. Mark Griffiths (Source: Psychology Today’s In Excess blog, July 25, 2013) LINK