Objectum Sexuality (OS)

According to clinical sexologist Dr. Amy Marsh, Objectum-Sexuals or “Objektophil/Objectophiles” are “people who experience emotional, romantic, affectionate and/or sexual relationships with objects”.

Objectum-sexuality is often mislabelled as a sexual fetish or paraphilia. However, it does not fit into either categories, as the feelings experienced by objectophiles are not only sexual. The primary attraction to the object is emotional or romantic.

The following information on Objectum-Sexuality is taken from the Objectum-Sexuality Internationale website.

Objectum-Sexuality Internationale is an online support group for objectophiles. The site provides general information on OS and a forum for OS people to share their experiences and network with their peers. The group also runs a Facebook page.

On Intimacy, Sex, and OS

The issue of sex with objects stirs a certain inquisitiveness in people that often leads to censure. And to ask whether we do “it” is like asking whether all couples in love are intimate. Most often the answer is yes but in some case, as with any loving relationship, sex is not always present for whatever personal reason.

It should be noted that the term ‘sexuality’ in OS does NOT imply the physical act of sex with an object just as it doesn’t for other orientations. The term ‘sexuality’ coupled with ‘hetero-‘, ‘homo-‘, ‘objectum’ implies an inclination towards such.

Also, the definition of sex comes into question, which is why we often steer away from this term (sex). We use ‘sensuality’ or ‘intimacy’ to describe physically related expressions of love as th[ey] offer a broader definition considering our partners are not human and cannot be generalized.

OS and Sexual Fetishism

Objectum-sexuality is not a fetish. While a fetishist must have their desired object present as a catalyst to achieve sexual gratification, the love for our object is not based on a habitual psychosexual response. It is the object that captivates us on many more levels besides sexual arousal. Fetishists do not see the object as animate as we do and therefore do not commence to develop a loving relationship with the object.

OS and Religion

Animism is the religious worldview that natural physical entities—including animals, plants, and often even inanimate objects or phenomena—possess a spiritual essence. (Wikipedia)

[We’ve found that animism] is the most common reason objectum-sexual people with no notable psychological conditions have for loving and connecting to objects on a significant level. [Many OS people believe] that objects … possess a spirit, soul, or energy with which one can connect.

Diagnosing OS

OS has been linked to numerous psychological conditions: Asperger’s Syndrome, sexual trauma, gender dysphoria, and synesthesia.

You can find more information about this in the following articles:

Love Among the Objectum Sexuals by Dr. Amy Marsh (Electronic Journal of Human Sexuality, Volume 13, March 1, 2010)

Objectophilia, Fetishism and Neo-Sexuality: Falling in Love with Things by Frank Thadeusz (Spiegel Online International, May 11, 2007)