The Cast

It’s something that hits you. It happens spontaneously. (Linda)

ANIMISM - 5.AMANDA_2500x1406_CMYKAmanda (27), a young woman from Leeds, England longs for her lover 5600 km away standing guard overlooking Manhattan Island, welcoming all who should come. Her object love is the Statue of Liberty. All she wants to do is sit beside “Libby”, enjoy the sunshine on their faces, breathe in the air, and watch the boats sail past NYC. But she can only visit NYC about once a year, so she has a collection of over 200 Liberty statues in her small flat back home that help her to close the distance between them.

ANIMISM - 3.BC_2500x1406_CMYKB.C. (23) is an ordained priest living in Portland, Oregon who has always been fascinated by sound and electronics. He found his true romantic and passionate love for soundboards when he was a teenager. When Linda asked him to officiate at her renewal marriage ceremony to Bruce, B.C. had a tough decision to make. After being given an ultimatum by his Bishop he decided to leave his church, saying that he could not be a part of an organization that didn’t allow him to bless love that he knows and believes in.

ANIMISM - 4.CARL_2500x1406_CMYKCarl (21), a shy and funny computer technician living near Montreal, has a loving, affectionate and sexual relationship with his car “Blitz”. As with a lot of young people his age he is searching for his identity and above all, love. Carl’s family and most of his friends do not know about his relationship with his car  but Carl feels he needs to “come out” in order to move forward with his life.

ANIMISM - 1.ERIKA_2500x1406_CMYKErika (late 30’s) is an American living in Berlin. She is an outgoing, confident and highly accomplished woman. Erika is the head of Objectum Sexuality Internationale, a support group that’s ground zero for people who love objects and the OS community. After her love affair and marriage to the Eiffel Tower became compromised, Erika found new love with the Berlin Wall. We follow Erika as she deals with the emotional split from the Eiffel Tower and finds a new love, a construction crane, beaming down from the work site at the bak of her apartment. She is fluent in Japanese and German, a three-time world archery champion, master of the Japanese sword and is also now a long distance marathon runner in Berlin.

ANIMISM - 2.LINDA_2500x1406_CMYKLinda (53), an accomplished corporate pilot, is a warm, down-to-earth, engaging woman living in Florida. She has finally married Bruce (a carnival ride), the love of her life and likes nothing better than eating pizza and watching football on TV with him. For four years in the early 80’s Linda had a loving relationship with Bruce but had a heart-breaking separation when Bruce was toppled in a severe storm and was sent away for repairs. After a 25-year separation, Linda found Bruce rusting and abandoned in a field. She purchased what was left of him. They were married this past summer. She is restoring him in the small town of Gibsonton, Florida.